Selection Criteria


Prints and postcards of women reading and writing

The content in Gender: Identity and Social Change has been selected in close collaboration with collection staff at participating libraries and specialist academic board members in the field of gender history. Feedback from focused conferences also played a large part in ensuring material is relevant and appropriate for students and scholars.

Material has been sourced from across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to ensure a wide range of perspectives has been represented allowing for unique comparisons and critical research.

A note on omissions

Gender: Identity and Social Change is a major resource covering a wide range of themes and developments in gender roles and relations. Although key topics are well-represented, the scale of the period and complexity of the discipline prevents the inclusion of every collection or piece of material that might be relevant.

A lengthy process of discussion between many different archives, libraries and museums across the globe has resulted in the nine partner institutions that contribute to the resource. Where exclusions have been made, this has largely been due to:

  • Collections falling outside the defined remit of this resource
  • Existing open-access content
  • Copyright and permission considerations
  • Reasons of privacy and data protection